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Tropical Electrolyte Elixir Recipe

Tantalizingly tropical and full of revitalizing minerals, this tasty smoothie quenches your body’s thirst for hydration making it the perfect pick-me-up after any activity. With an added boost of 44 organic superfoods you can feel good about drinking this electrolyte elixir every day.

The Recipe (makes 14-16 oz.)

1 scoop Super Green Juice powderSuper Green Juice

1 cup (8 oz.) of coconut water

1 cup of fresh non-GMO papaya

½ fresh banana


Mix together and blend well. Enjoy!

Papaya not in season? Try switching with fresh or frozen mango.

The Good Inside

  • Coconut water is full of natural electrolytes, essential minerals for electrical processes in cells.
  • Papaya delivers a delightful fruity taste and is rich in antioxidants. It’s renowned for the enzyme papain, which acts as an anti-inflammatory in the stomach, discourages acid reflux, and cultivates healthy digestion.
  • Banana adds a smooth creamy texture, a hint of sweetness, and a bump of potassium for extra minerals.
  • A scoop of Super Green Juice powder provides 44 organic superfoods. Inside are vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics, 3g of fiber and 3g of plant protein.

This Tropical Electrolyte Elixir is a deliciously natural way to fuel your body. Garnish with a small umbrella and sip poolside for a relaxing refresher.

Recipe by Jen Hulett. Touchstone Essentials’ Chief Creative Officer takes her creativity into the kitchen to create tasty recipes full of goodness.